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Many of us know, "What's in a name", the famous quote of Shakespeare.

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Future Predictions

Many of us know, "What's in a name", the famous quote of Shakespeare. And..Indian astrology says, names can describe pattern of life and ways of goal.

Forecast can be make through it. And this is most important factor in numerology also. Difference between numerology and astrology is, numerology uses all alphabets to predict and astrology uses first initials of name and predict according Moon sign.

Many of people have not their accurate birth date and want to know the life predictions and this is the quickest way to find out answer.

Just submit your name and get a brief reading which is based on your Moon sign.

How the Predictor works

So, you thinking how it predict my future by name...the Namology Predictor uses the initials of name and find out expression and future prediction. This method uses your rising sign and predict forecast accordingly, this is the quickest method to find online future predictions free without knowing the birth date or time. Indian astrology recommend this method to find out general and daily routine forecast also.

This tool can analysis traits and characteristics prediction of your friends, lover or family. Many of people, use the full name in life, but you do not need to enter full, only first name can be entered. Many people use the nickname also, you should try both, because both have impact on life.

First name which mostly used in school, business, job or in social life can tell your ambitions and characteristics in that field and nickname which generally used between friends or family, tells traits and characteristics between them.

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